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Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch is located on the western slope Colorado's Sangre De Cristo Mountains between 8,260/ft and 10,530/Ft. above sea level. It is a gated, covenant protected, subdivision covering more than 17,000 acres in Costilla County. There are  404 ranch properties, which are 35 acres or larger in size.



7/11 The fire on the west side of the pass has been declared controled and there will be no further update meetions held by the black team. The shelter at the Blanca Fort Garland Community Center closed on 7/12.


Future updates to this page will be limited to recovery information that comes available unless there is a change from the controled status on our side of the pass.

If impacted by the Colorado wildfires, please call the Red Cross at 719-785-2768.



This is the report of house conditions prepared by the County Assessors Office. If you did not attend the notification meeting held last night 7/8, to recieve the photo of your house, you can email the county assessor to request the information. Include a copy of you ID in the email.

Costilla County Assessors House Inspection Report
Adobe Acrobat document [112.7 KB]
Relief and Recovery Assistance Guide
The purpose of this Relief and Recovery Guide is to connect Colorado residents affected by the Spring Fire with disaster assistance and information. This Guide lists information on many programs and agencies. Updates and verification are continuously being made to this document. Updates are available at
The Spring Fire Guide Costilla County 20[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [554.6 KB]


Removal Information


From Ben Doon, Costilla County Manager


I have some information for you about the ash/debris removal process and procedures. The attached Spring Fire Ash/Debris Guidance is essentially the memo and waiver from CDPHE addressing the issue.  CDPHE has put modified procedures in place to deal with the potentially contaminated ash/debris instead of their normal regulations (Regulation No. 8, Part B) that deal with asbestos abatement.  These modified procedures are extremely helpful compared to the usual process, though there are still regulated procedures that need to happen in order to properly deal with the ash/debris material.  Please read the memo carefully and share with everyone as this information is very important.  There are still ways this material needs to be handled and protocols that the people handling the debris need to follow.  OSHA is now the organization that is calling the shots on how this material needs to be handled in terms of training and PPE.  Please see the 3rd bullet on page 1 that speaks to that concern.  I called OSHA today to understand their requirements, but I was only able to leave a message and they have not got back to me yet.  As soon as I hear from OSHA about what they are requiring, I'll relay that info to you.


I am also attaching the Disposal Notification Form that CDPHE is requiring.  Normal permitting requirements are being waived, but they will require this notification form.


However, I have also been told that if a home was built from 1990 to 2018 it is possible to do certain testing and submit certain documents to try and prove that no asbestos was contained in any of the building materials of the home and if that's the case, the ash/debris has the potential to be handled without following the guidelines in the CDPHE waiver memo. 


A homeowner will need to work with an asbestos consultant to work through that process.  I've attached a list of state approved asbestos consultant firms that can be hired to work with homeowners on this process.

Spring Fire Ash/Debris Guidance
Spring Fire-Ash_Debris Guidance.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [57.8 KB]
PDF File [1.1 MB]
Adobe Acrobat document [37.7 KB]

Tips from the

Colorado State

Insurance Commissioner

At a meeting held on 7/19/2108, Michael Conway Commissioner of the State Division of Insurance had a few important tips.


  • For those who's home survived the fire, flood insurance is strongly recommended. Flash flooding is a common problem following a forest fire. the lack of vegitation causes watter to run off carrying debris, ash, soil and rocks. 
  • You may be approached by Public Adjustors. They are independent adjusters who will try to get more from your insurance company for a fee. Be sure you know what you are signing if you contract with a public adjuster. By law their fee can not exceed 10%. a good contract will specify that the fee is only on any additional funds obtained and there is no fee if the public adjuster can not obtain additional funds.
  • If you have trouble with your insurance company or an adjuster contact the Division of Insurance

Propane Tanks


Be sure to contact your Propane provider to request a check of your system!



To all of our customers that have homes in the Spring Creek fire area in Forbes Park and surrounding sub divisions.

The Monte Vista Coop would like to inform you that any propane tanks that have damage or suspected damages from the fire are not safe to use. We also would like to advise residents not to restart propane systems until a qualified service technician has performed a leak check. If you are a customer of the Monte Vista Coop, please call to get on our list to get your system check and/or tank set scheduled.

Call the petroleum department at 719-852-5181.

Forest Service

Recovery Information

Fire Related Publications
Fire Related Publications.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [232.0 KB]
Burn Severity Classifications
Burn Severity Classifications.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [158.3 KB]
Insects and Diseases Associated with Forest Fire
Insects and Diseases Associated with For[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [7.3 MB]
Restoring Colorado's Forests Fund Flyer
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]
Vegetative Recovery after Wildfire
Vegetative Recovery after Wildfire.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [187.1 KB]
Soil Erosion Control after Wildfire
Soil Erosion Control after Wildfire.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [6.0 MB]
Post Fire Replanting and Safety Tips
Adobe Acrobat document [385.6 KB]

UPDATE by KKTV: Officials confirm an arrest has been made in the #SpringFire. A man is now facing arson charges after the fire has flared to more than 38,000 acres.


This man is now behind bars accused of starting the #SpringFire burning in Costilla and Huerfano Counties. Jesper Joergensen, 52, is facing arson charges.

READ MORE HERE:…/Fire-near-Fort-Garland-prompts-evacua…



Early news reports have said he was burning trash a more recent report says he was roasting meat over a fire pit

There is a

Total Fire Ban




Hunting Map Updates


Do you want to change the hunting designation of your parcel? Please request a hunting authorization card and mark "hunting is permitted" or "hunting is not permitted", and mail it in!!


Change requests for the 2018 hunting season must be recieved by July 2, 2018 to be included on the 2018 hunting map. Cards recieved after July 2, 2018 will take effect in the 2019 hunting season.


To get a card, please contact the Manager at 719 379-2977 or




The roads committee has built a new parking area at the 160 gate (front gate) Anyone needing to park at the front gate please use this new parking area. Parking in the old parking area is not permitted.

Extra Dumpster

Available at

Kline and Merlo


It is to be used for household clean up only, not construction debris.

The Trash Dumpster

is at the Summer location. 


In the Fall, it will

return to the RR

Gate location for

easy access during 

the snow season.

During the summer months, the Trash Dumpster is now located next to the vehicle storage lot. This dumpster is to be used for household trash only.


Signage has been posted listing items that should not be placed in the dumpster. The sign also provides information about the local trash transfer stations and recycling firms.


Motitoring of the dumpster for improper dumping using cameras will be enhanced in this location. Improper dumping can result in fines.



FWCROA 1st Response Wildfire Unit



CALL 911


Then call the dispatcher at 719 379-0100


If you can not reach the dispatcher, call members of the team until you reach someone!!!

Max & Helga Klepp 719 379-0100
Response Team Leaders
Kerri Gillespie 719 354-3423
Steve Erickson

719 379-4933

719 439-0173


Tommy Bond

Patsy Bond

719 379-4097
Ken Connor

719 379-3850

641 919-4801

Glen Dobson

Sheron Dobson

719 379-2686
Micheal Haney 760 486-0962

Lynne Johnson

Scott Johnson

719 379-4940
Ted Johnson 719 379-4032

Leslie Neldner

719 379-3174

719 564-6792

Bill Peffer

520 204-3548

719 379-3505

David Ycedo 951 907-2123

Lori Erickson

719 379-4933

719 439-0173

The Brush Truck is filled with water and ready for the 2015 season. It is parked at Steve Erickson's to allow quick access to all areas of the ranch.

Colorado's emergency management website is a good source of information on Wildfires, Fire Bans flooding and other emergency situations.





Use of Lock-boxes

Because of concern for security breach, the following procedure for the use of lock boxes was adopted by the board on 8-2-2013:


All lock boxes used by FWCR Owners must have the NAME and LOT NUMBER of the owner clearly written on them. FWCR Owners must let the management know per phone call (719-379-2977) or email ( when the lock box is put up at the gate. The maximum time to leave your lock box at the gate is 2 weeks. Unauthorized lock boxes will be removed. Contractors are not allowed to use lock boxes.

2018 Slash Pile Site

The Slash pile site for 2018 will be at 289 Borman Dr from Kline down Borman. Signs showing the boundary for piles will be posted once spring thaw permits access to the location.


Please stack piles 8 feet wide and 8 feet high before adding to the length of the pile. This reduces the length of the pile and aids in the fall/winter burning. NO construction materials, stumps, or logs thicker than 8 inches are allowed.


ECC Quick Reference

Improvements Requiring Review & Approval from the Environmental Control Committee (ECC)

1. New Cabin or Home constructed on property


2. Physical Modifications to any property:



•Tool and Storage Sheds.

•Installation of: Solar Panels, Wind Generators, Non-Portable Electrical Generators, and Power Poles.


3. Exterior Modifications to an existing Structure or Residence:

•New Roof


•Architectural Additions: Porches, Decks, Garages, storage or any deviation to a previously approved construction project.

Improvements Not Requiring Review & Approval from the ECC

  • Repairs to existing roofs when color is unchanged, or materials   match.
  • Repairs and maintenance to existing Stain and or Paint.
  • Septic Systems & Water Wells. It is the responsibility of the landowner to secure County and State permits for drilling water wells, or installing a Septic System to be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Any interior work such as adding or removing walls, electrical or plumbing work, new interior construction or renovation, etc.
  • Note: The State and County may require permits for certain types of work such as electrical modifications and or additions, as well as some plumbing work. Getting these permits is the responsibility of the owner.

Maps to find your way



Use the following link to view a google map of the area and to download a map of Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch


Go to Maps

Important Dates




Annual Meeting - Saturday June 30, 2018 at 2:00 PMBlanca/Fort Garland Community Center.

Board Meeting -  Saturday June 30, 2018 at 9:30 AM, Blanca/Fort Garland Community Center


MEETINGS CANCELED due to "Spring Fire"


Board Meeting -  Saturday July 21, 2018 at 9:30 AM,  at the Roadway Inn on Rt 160 in Alamosa.


Owners who wish to attend the July board meeting using the GoToMeeting service should send a request to 


Please include your name and lot number in the request. You will receive a reply by email with a login link for the meeting.


Wagon Creek Apparel

Attendees at last year’s Annual Meeting expressed interest in being able to order apparel with the Wagon Creek Ranch logo.


Tayco Screen Printing & Embroidery located in Colorado Springs has set up the logo and is now on file. The logo shown is similar to the logo that was on the shirts provided by the Shaefer's over the many years they were at the ranch. I scanned this from a black tee shirt to give you an idea of how the logo will look. (Please ignore the quality of the scan) The color of the text can be changed based on the color of the item.


For those who are interested in purchasing shirts, jackets, caps, etc. with a Wagon Creek Ranch logo, you may go to and review all the products on which they can embroider a logo. (There are 100’s). Once you see something you like please send an email to Allison at to get a price quote and to place an order. Reference Wagon Creek Ranch.


As we have more time we may establish a few products that we can order in quantity so we can get discounted pricing.


If you have any thoughts please let me know.




Steve Erickson

 The Rio Grande Scenic RR Concert Trains will be running again this summer. Check out the entire schedule at;

Winter Access 

Winter Access information is on the Roads Committtee Page. Wagon Creek roads are not plowed. Primary access during the winter is by snowmobiles and tracked vehicles.

Go to the Roads Committtee Page

Colorado Highway Conditions

Not only do you have to plan for travel within Wagon Creek, but don't forget the trip here. Use this link to check road conditions on the CDOT website. There are status reports, cameras, construction warnings and travel alerts for the highways throughout the state


Water Delivery


Trinchera Water, you may call 719 379-3263 for service.


Weber Water in Walsenburg will be entering the water delivery busines after June 15, 2018.  Weber may be contacted at 719-738-2400, or cell 719-989-0387.


For those with the capability of hauling water for themselves, you may purchase water from the Fort Garland Water District.  Call them at 719-379-2660 to make arrangements. 

Unofficial Wagon Creek

Opinions expressed on the Unofficial Wagon Creek facebook page do not reflect those of the Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch Owners Association. offers a day to day view of life and events in Wagon Creek

Colorado Division of Wildlife: (719) 587-6900


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service:  (719) 589-4021

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The Wagon Creek Phone Service has been suspended due to line damage by the Fire, Please contact the office by email.


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