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Costilla County Fire Protection District

The CCFPD is comprised of 3 fire fighting units. These are located in the communities of San Luis, Ft. Garland, and Garcia. These units are comprised entirely of volunteer members: 15 in San Luis, 15 in Ft. Garland, and 5 in Garcia. The positions of Chief and Assistant Chief receive salaries, but are not full-time paid positions. These positions alternate each year between San Luis and Fort Garland, presently the chief is Theldon Smith of Fort Garland.

The Costilla County Sheriff is responsible under Colorado Law for calling out the fire departments when there is a fire.

The Ft. Garland unit is the closest to Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch, with a driving distance of 15 miles to the Hwy 160 entrance gate, or 13.5 miles to the Railroad Gate. The response time after being called out will be 40 to 60 minutes. Additional time will be required to get from an entrance gate to a fire site – which could be as much as another 15 miles and could take up to 40 additional minutes.

San Luis is about 31 miles from Wagon Creek, and Garcia about 50 miles from FWCR. The following summarizes the personnel and equipment available to the CCFPD:


Fort Garland

San Luis






Pumper Trucks




Brush Trucks




Water Tanker Trucks




Drop Tanks & Port Pumps

2 @ 3000 gal

2 @ 3000Gal


In the event of a fire in FWCR, the drop tanks and portable pumps would be set up at Vega Creek at Beck Place, and/or at Wagon Creek at Lot #260 or at the junction of Hwy 160 and Forbes Park Road. Helicopters can drop water to make a pond near highway 160 and Pass Creek Road to the north of Wagon Creek Ranch. These locations offer easy access to the creeks as well as sufficient space for maneuvering and turn-around of the water trucks.

In the event that there is not sufficient water in these creeks, then the water trucks can refill in Fort Garland, 15 minutes from our gates.


The local Alamosa Colorado State Forest Service would be called in to help the Costilla County Fire Protection District if the Costilla County Sheriff thinks it necessary.


The County and State Forest Service have an AOP agreement which means they can share equipment when necessary. The CSFS owns 2 wildfire fire engines (brush trucks). One is usually in Alamosa and one stationed at the Sand Dunes.


For a large fire, like the Mato Vega Fire, additional crews from east of Wagon Creek, like La Veta, can be called out by the Pueblo coordinator.


To dramatically improve response time, Forbes Wagon Creek ROA has purchased its own brush truck. The truck operates under the direction of the CCFPD and acts as a 1st Response Unit. The truck is in operation May through September and is staffed by FWCR residents. 


FWCR 1st Response Wildfire Unit Page




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