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Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch Owners Association 


In the event of a wildfire or other serious condition, evacuation of Forbes Wagon Creek Ranch may be ordered. Costilla County is served by an Advanced 911 System, which will notify Ranch Owners who have a telephone of the evacuation order by a reverse 911 call.

What to do when you have to evacuate your cabin

  • Leave your doors unlocked

  • Leave a light on

  • Close all windows

  • Leave tools such as shovel, rake and axe outside; and, if you have one, leave a ladder leaning against the roof

  • If you leave a vehicle, park it out of the way so that the fire truck can get to your cabin. Leave the key in the ignition

  • Post a note on your door with the following information:


  1. Where, and what kind of, fuel (wood, gas canisters, gasoline tanks) is stored inside or around your cabin.
  2. Where you’re headed to (address and telephone number)
  3. Is there a well, and how to turn it on if you have switched it off (you should leave it on)
  4. Is there electric power, and how to turn it on if you have switched it off (you should leave it on)


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The Wagon Creek Phone Service has been suspended due to line damage by the Fire, Please contact the office by email.


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