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FWCROA 1st Response Wildfire Unit

To improve fire response time, Forbes Wagon Creek has purchased and equipped its own 1st Response Wildfire Truck. Manned by FWC residents, our Wildfire Truck operates under the direction of the CCFPD, Fort Garland Chief, Theldon Smith.

Fire Response Commitee
Kerri Gillespie Co-Leader
Steve Erickson Co-Leader



CALL 911


Then call the dispatcher at 719 379-0100


If you can not reach the dispatcher, call members of the team until you reach someone!!!

Max & Helga Klepp 719 379-0100
Response Team Leaders
Kerri Gillespie 719 354-3423
Steve Erickson 719 439-0173

Tommy Bond

Patsy Bond

719 379-4097
Ken Connor

719 379-3850

641 919-4801

Glen Dobson

Sheron Dobson

719 379-2686
Micheal Haney 760 486-0962

Lynne Johnson

Scott Johnson

719 379-4940
Ted Johnson 719 379-4032

Leslie Neldner

719 379-3174

719 564-6792

Bill Peffer

520 204-3548

719 379-3505

David Ycedo 951 907-2123

Lori Erickson

719 439-0173

The first member of our unit on site acts as as the incident commander, directing our unit and relaying information to the CCFPD Units en-route. Upon the arrival of CCFPD units, Incident Command responsibility is turned over to the CCFPD Chief and the FWC Units continues operation under his direction.


The members of our 1st Response unit train under the direction of the CCFPD Fort Garland Chief. Twice monthly training sessions are held during the units May - September operating season.

Training Sessions


Training sessions are held May - September, every second and fourth Saturday of the month. Classes start at 9:00 AM at Beck Place.

FWC 1st Response Wildfire Unit Procedures

Fire Fighting in Forbes Wagon Creek
FirefightingFWCR Rev8 6-20-10.pdf
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Incident Commander
WC IC rev1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [114.7 KB]

The 1st Response Unit in Action

On July 30, 2011, the Wagon Creek fire team put their training and equipment to the test for the first time. They used 600 gallons of water to put out a lightning strike fire not far from the new cell tower. Upon learning of the fire, a 911 call was made and the WC team was dispatched.


Anneke manned the WC command post radio and coordinated communications between the team and the CCFD. Based on the initial condition report and low wind conditions, Theldon, CCFD Chief, put the CCFD on stand-by until he received an assessment report from the WC team. It was decided that the fire was within the capabilities of the WC Team and the CCFD remained on stand-by until the fire was declared to be out.


The WC team used all of the water in their brush truck along with water from a supplemental trailer mounted tank to extinguish the fire and wet down the area. Following standard practice procedures, they then used pulaski tools to clear a band around the burn area to prevent spreading if the fire should reignite.

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